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Servant of the Lord

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SuNWhoa Love, Black Samurai G

Living a life devoted to making God famous, SuNWhoa (SuN-Woe) Love is a warrior for Christ. Dubbed “Black Samurai G” by the Almighty (samurai = servant of the Lord), this Southern California-based rapper/singer, songwriter, producer, and entrepreneur infuses new life into the Hip Hop and Gospel genres with his bars, bold style, and creative vision.

SuNWhoa, who’s been blessing the stage for over 10 years, moves the crowd with lyrical pyrotechnics matched by his dynamic energy and a humility rooted in his commitment to God and honest love for people.

He released a solo mixtape, 4:00 AM (Let There Be Light) and an independent solo album, Kingdom Influence in 2012, then spent the next 4 years refining his craft and creating for 2 new albums:  Black Samurai Music (2017) and Like Father, Like SuN (scheduled for late 2017).

SuNWhoa also worked on several other music projects during this time, including P4CM’s first cypher at Rhetoric 2016, APU's Night of Champions Event, and appearances on P4CM’s The Lyricists, 4 appearances on TBN's JUCETV, and countless other live shows.

His 2017 album, Black Samurai Music, a collaboration between him and producer DavD Beats, knocked out the Gospel Rap and Kingdom Hip Hop worlds. (you can download a copy here)! 

Ever the visionary dreamer and doer, SuNWhoa Love also founded and runs Build Apparel Co., is a youth minister at Community Bible Church, is an APU graduate (BS, ’16), wrote and produced the short My Beloved (2016), and has shared the gospel through music in Japan (2014, 2015) and then in Peru with Back to Basics (2016).

Without a doubt, SuNWhoa Love is a rising true SuN whose servant-warrior commitment to spiritual, creative, and personal excellence will continue to move us, challenge us, and bring God glory for ages to come!


Photographer: @FolkGrp

Musician: Courtney "SuNWhoa Love" Linsey