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Mind On God (Lyrics)

Matthew 6:33
But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

Hook 1

Early In The Morning
The Creator of the Earth and The Sky
Early in The Morning
He's Worthy of all our time
Early in the Morning
I hit my knees and humbly say Lord
Early In the Morning
Thank You Lord for another Day

Verse 1

I get to watch the midnight sky become a canvas
paint brush make the sky spark like candace
Purple and Gold
The Turbulent Road is treasured like Atlantis
Cuz the Black Stay ready like Praying Mantis
I'm passionate about promise
I demand it
See from my vantage point
I got advantage point
Now the service super real like Sampras
That's why I keep my hands in the hood like Mechanics
Peace to this well-oiled machine
Greased up Like Thebes
Give thanks to my King
Then hit the Campus
Express like panda
Spread the truth to the youth
and show the bandit my Kung Fu stances
Like Skadooosh. 
The lower I get, the higher I go. 
It's glory to God if they admire the flow
Patient and diligent show desire to grow
But it's infinite wisdom that my messiah bestows. 

Hook 2 (Repeat)

Verse 2

Before the sun begins to peak
I listen for the Sun to speak
she say her son is looking up to me
I tell him who I'm underneath
The Lord God King Complete
Jesus Christ the High Priest
Walking harder than Dubb C
In a world of unbelief. 
I'm from the west, 
but imagine life in the East
Wars and Bodies in the Streets
Riots over the next Khaleef
Good Grief
Good God
Sex Slaves & Drug Fiends
Suicidal Tendencies
It's about time we intercede no. 
Oh Hell. 
I guess eternal time will tell
I just hope I honor God Higher than I honor myself
Take the bible off the shelf
Get full before I breakfast
I'm listening when my teacher speaking like I'm in Gate Class
Because when I reach them pearly gates
and the sea of Glass
I want to reach up for His hand without no fear and wrath. 
God loves me! & I know he loves you too. 
Every day His mercy is brand new!

Hook 3

Bridge. (Repeat 4 Times) 

If you woke up this morning with your mind on God. 
Let Me see those hands. And lift them up high.