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Black Samurai Intro (Lyrics)

Black Samurai Intro (S/o to Afro!)

“The Day is Here Already”

Shout out to Afro

Shout out to Afro
Bushido Brown
Jim Kelley
Pomona to Pasadena
All My Ninjas & My Rellies
Anthony Bourdain with the sword game
cut a beat down to confetti
I love Jesus
He’s my peace
I stay board game ready
Black Samurai
Whaaa (Whaa - Whaa)
Servant of the Lord Mayne
Man Cant stop what God has ordained
So I Dare not swerve in your lane
Got me Like Ehhh
There's no limit to this increase
My wings cant stop (Bruh) 
Saucy like my ten piece
Full of Flavor
Obedience brings favor
How we say we love God? 
but still disrespect our neighbor
I need a savior
Thats why Christ Gave His life
Now I lay down my own as my reasonable sacrifice.
Lets Go
Yah Yah Yah
Look what y'all done started
will you give your all to the Lord of the Harvest
Whoever saves his life will lose it
this is only the beginning. 
Black Samurai Music. 

Shout out to Afro

To Be A Samurai Means to be A Servant of the Lord
Handy With the Sword
Willing to lay down everything you have for the glory of the Lord
Who gave his everything for you.